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About Us

Who we are

Powerman is one of the world’s renowned leading manufacturer Company of Electrical Products. India’s pride and kept identification of Delhi. Delhi’s most famous electrical products manufacturer company for the last 40 long years of serving with their products. We are expertise in   “ D.C. Power” Horizontal and Vertical Relays, VOLT METERES & AMMETERS, ROTARY SWITCHES, TERMINAL STRIPS, MCB & ROCKERS SWITCH. All the products are most demanded all over India. We are manufacturing our all products in India only and our manufacturing unit  is situated at Delhi itself in the name of “Powerman”.

Manufacturing Setup

We have a State of craftsmanship airconditioned fabricating arrangement in Delhi, India. The center strength of the Company is Design. We dominate at plan and assembling of transfers as well as required Press apparatuses and molds, creation devices and Automation.

We plan Complex High-speed accuracy apparatuses and produce exact parts from them, in-house. Our winding, binding, and sequential construction systems are computerized. We endeavor to keep redesigned with the most recent innovation.

Commitment To Quality

To meet our quality standards, we use many modern quality tools. We have a huge team of quite adequate and experienced Engineers and workers, who are capable to produce much better quality and proven to be excellent Electrical Products.

Our all Electrical Products are ISO certified and ISI certified also. Apart from above, we provide ”GUARANTEE.

Research & Development

We have a dedicated research and development team that is constantly working to improve existing products and develop new products day by day. Advanced technology equipment such as environmental test chamber, a variety of endurance test settings. Arrangements of microscopic measurements etc are available in our R&D laboratory to validate new and existing designs and products.